Saturday, December 22, 2012

What kind of boat would you like?

Now that you know that my husband is the nautical fanatical and I am not, I would like to share this story. We meet a lot of new friends boating and getting to know each other over drinks and appetizers, someone inevitably turns to me and asks “so what kind of boat would you like Mia?”. My answer always is “the model doesn't matter to me, as long as it can pull a horse trailer”. 

I am a passionate and life-long dressage rider. I don’t own horses right now but ride and care for my friends’ horses when they are out of town. It’s funny to see the expression on people’s faces when they get my unexpected reply, but it is even funnier when their creative sides start churning out ideas for how, in fact, this boat model or that, SHOULD be able to pull a horse trailer!

Great! Here is the extra little knot though: do you know how much hay and grain a horse eats each day? Or just how large a full size dressage arena and turn-out pasture is? Do you know how expensive and bulky saddles and tack are and where am I going to put the …..

If Southern Pines, NC and Beaufort NC were situated next to each other, that would be the PERFECT place to live! I don’t want another boat, I would like a farm.

Original City Gate Saint Augustine, FL 

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  1. Mia - I have the perfect solution! You & Dave should consider Wellington, FL - only 13 miles from the waters of West Palm, but premier horse country! Of course, we are only 50 miles away so we have ulterior motives for this suggestion! Miss you guys!