Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Men's humour

Today we traveled through SC low-country from Georgetown to Charleston. This is one of my favorite cities in the US. Weather has been beautiful, gorgeous really, and the waters were smooth as a mirror. We arrived and have had a maintenance afternoon (yep, housekeeping, laundry, shopping, boat washing etc). On this note, the Captain asked me, no BEGGED me to post the following picture. See, this is a classy marina, you don't even have to bring your boat to the pump out station (and yes, for my non-boat friends, that is exactly what it sounds like, you are not allowed to pump out sewage on the waterway, that is done in port), here in very courteous and affluent Charleston City Marina, they have a little vessel that comes to you if and when you need this task taken care of. I'll let the picture speak for itself.


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    1. HI Tracy,

      Thanks for all your messages, so good to hear from you! How do you make it so that I see your names on your comments? Is it because you have a google acct? Please let me know, I am new to this and several friends have had trouble leaving comments. Thanks Girlfriend!!