Saturday, December 8, 2012

High Cotton

This is one of those very Southern expressions that you learn when you live in the American South. Cotton being one of the local crops, and the higher the growth the larger the harvest, it simply means:

“A state of good luck, good fortune, wealth, prosperity.”

“When things are more expensive or richer than your social status. Being High Cotton means you are rich or wealthy.”

Staying for a couple of nights at the “Mega dock” of the Charleston City Marina, we have certainly been in High Cotton! Docked right next to us, were two of the largest ocean going sail boats we have ever seen. These two yachts had crew only on them, young men scrubbing, washing and polishing all day long and we didn’t see anyone resembling an owner, sponsor or even “captain”. One was a J boat, named Hanuman, one of very few replicas of the classic Endeavour and 40 m long (yes, METERS, take that times three and you will get the approximate footage!!) ( The other was an ORC named Ngomi ( . Both boats were heading to the Carribean were, apparently, in March every year there is a big race for larger-than-life sail boats like this. Amazing – and definitely High Cotton.

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