Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13: Lucia in Sweden

This is a beloved Christmas tradition every year. All schools, corporations, government offices, cities and even hotels hosting Nobel Prize winners participate. Early in the morning, the children, the prettiest young women, or in the case of each city and the Nobel Prize winners, the women who have been selected in a prestigious yearly national competition – gather, dress in white, sing traditional Lucia and Christmas songs and bring coffee and sweet baked goods.

One year, they scared a Hispanic Nobel Prize winner really bad knocking on his door at 5 am, because in his native country, the only time you bring lit candles is when somebody has died.

Cross-cultural relations have fascinated me since my teens; they still do.


  1. These days, they warn the Nobel Prize winners there will be white-clad people singing to them before dawn, in order to prevent heart attacks :) Good thing, too!