Saturday, December 8, 2012

SC to GA

Fairly short trip today. We are in Thunderbolt, GA at the Morningstar Marina on River Drive. We tried to go to Savannah for the afternoon, but bus service is not like in Europe were the whole point of public transportation is to be convenient, quick and not clogging cities with cars; "oh, it may come by every 2 hours or so". OK, so we called a taxi. After 30 min of waiting we called again and they said, "maybe another 15 minutes". Yep, that is my experience with cabs in the US - not reliable either. Guess we need to travel with our own car next time. So instead, we had beer and live music across the street from the marina. Life is good and Savannah is on the list of places to visit for a few days in the spring anyway.


  1. I think I have Mia's next "job" figured out! Travel all the background and history you impart from every stop!

  2. Wow, worse bus service than Surrey! At least our taxis seem to appear most of the time. Maybe it's worth doing an online check for "limos"? In NYC, we find they are very efficient and often cost less, as well as leaving you with less severe emotional trauma from the drive... ;)