Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A tan in December

The last few days have been gorgeous in Saint Augustin. Mid 80s, sun from a bright blue sky, balmy winds, beer on the sun pad in the afternoon. Not bad. My face and arms are starting to look golden and the Captain found a beach today which is accessible by dinghy, 15 minutes away. We are enjoying Saint Augustin.

A tan in December means I am wearing flip-flops which also means I needed nail polish for my toe nails, which I had not packed. I usually don't need it because in NC, at least I do not wear open shoes from October to April (but college students seem to live in shorts and flip-flops year round there). I am also someone who will not pay $9 for nail polish, which is down-town Saint Augustin price level, so today I walked to Target (no, no, not TArget - TarchEEE! Sorry Swedes, this is a purely American joke). That was a 45 minute hike, a 10 min shopping trip and then another 45 minute hike back to town. Yep, the cab ride would have been five bucks, but in lovely high 70s degree weather, it is only a pleasure to exercise outdoors.

Just in case you think you need some more Christmas lights, this is what the Hilton in Saint Augustin looks like! Merry Christmas!


  1. Mia - you and I should go get pedicures when we are in S.A. next month. I have a serious case of "winter feet". BTW, the Hilton at our marina sure don't look like this one!

  2. Understated elegance - always a winner... ;)