Monday, December 17, 2012

Beautiful Christmas Tradition

Some 15 years ago, a landscaping company in Maine had a large surplus of Christmas wreaths. The owner was pondering what to do with them and came up with the idea to donate them to the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC. For my friends outside the US, this is where a lot of war veterans are buried. Over the years, his wonderful idea grew into a non-profit and today donors and volunteers make, ship and place these wreaths on many military grave yards throughout the country. This picture is from Saint Augustine, FL. 


  1. As a side you will someday, hopefully not too soon know two people buried at Arlington. Our cousins Tim and Ginger Taft. Tim has Two Purple Hearts and the Silver Star from his service in Vietnam. So Tim may and will be buried there when the time comes and then Ginger is allowed to accompany him.

  2. What a moving and beautiful idea - and how great that it has become a tradition!