Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It is getting warmer

We are docked in downtown Georgetown, SC. Definitely getting further south. Look at this, it’s December 4th, Christmas Decorations are all over – but there are tables set outside on the sidewalk for dinner! AND we are running the AC inside. My family in Stockholm, Sweden say they have lots of snow and 15 F. Big difference.

Anyone wonder what we eat on the boat? Once we get to FL, I will be cooking like I do at home because good grocery stores will be available and accessible daily. For the trip south which will take about 10 days this is what I have prepared: Swedish meatballs – yep, the REAL kind!! (By the way, there are as many recipes for Swedish meatballs as there are mothers in Sweden. However, my recipe came from another Grandmother named Mia, in Skåne province in the south).  Mine always get rave reviews; I serve them warm for dinner with mashed potatoes, lingon berry jam (similar to cranberry jam, but less sugar) and homemade pickles. Or cold, with the pickles on a sandwich for lunch – mmm, mmm good! Meatballs are such a good meal, comfort food for sure and like many of the Swedish traditional recipes, very heavy. Not everyday food for today’s lifestyle, but picture working all day in the deep woods in the middle of winter, in the mines or on the waters of Sweden (Stockholm and Anchorage AL being on the same latitude, y’all), then you need all that protein, carbs and fat to survive. Then on to Boeuf aux Carottes – beef and carrots braised in red wine and herbs and served over buttered egg noodles. My past spent in France has left me with a life-long passion for French foods. The very American Corn and Shrimp chowder is one of the Captain’s favorites but I, eating more and more vegetarian food, love my very own black bean soup with jalapeños served with freshly baked, rich corn bread. 

My convection oven on the boat, along with the sun pad, was the two features I insisted on when we were shopping for this boat. The oven has definitely got a workout, more so than the sun pad! Having grown up in Europe, I simply will not live without crusty bread, so there. I love to cook and eat well every day and we do so on Alchemy as well as at home.

The beer was nice and cold on the Georgetown riverwalk this afternoon!

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  1. Jealous! Both of the sun, the warmth and the food - nothing new there, then! ;) I'll cheerfully have all of that extremely delicious-sounding food, except the jalapenos - can't do chilies etc. Bet they now do chili meatballs in Sweden... they do love experimenting with foreign cooking .