Friday, January 11, 2013

Swansboro,,,1 day from Home

Had a nice evening last night shared with Capt Keith aboard "Coastal Comfort"...Beer/Pizza/Carolina Basketball on TV. (except for the bad ending!)  Up early this morning to deliver Capt Keith to the marina at Figure Eight Island where he had a boat moving gig.  Interesting little channel and a glorious sunrise (PIC)

Made Swansboro in 5 hours and filled up the tanks with the lowest price fuel in NC today. ($3.64/gal)  I have averaged better than 1 mpg on the entire trip, which for the uninitiated, is excellent for this size  boat, although, I've gone at "trawler" speed for much of the journey.  But it sure is nice to be able and push it up to 25 mph when the need (or spirit) arises.

Tomorrow will be home base, New  Bern.  I'll do all the math soon and report for all you nautical types.

Capt Dave

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