Saturday, January 5, 2013


Took the trusty West Marine 6 speed into Savannah today and did the "tourist" bit.  My, what a lovely old city.  I've never been before so it was very interesting.  I love the way they have preserved so many parks and town squares all about with the old houses and business surrounding them.  It could be a lesson for our leaders in Raleigh as they decide how to deal with the Dix property.  Enjoy the pics, for those who have not been as yet.

On to Hilton Head or Beaufort, SC tomorrow (haven't decided yet!)


  1. Love the pics of Savannah, have not been there in many years! Hope you enjoy tomorrow's adventures, love you!

  2. Great pictures! I think you have convinced us that we need bikes aboard! Stay safe!

  3. Great stuff Dave. You are going to need new tires for that bike by the time you get back. Can't wait to hear what's for dinner tomorrow. :) Continued safe travels my friend.