Monday, January 7, 2013

Beaufort SC to Isle of Palms SC

Moved the boat on Sunday from Thunderbolt to Beaufort SC, but, didn't really have anything to say about that other than there is a lot of "skinny" water along the way.  The tide's have turned against me for the last two days, with dead low tide occurring mid morning.  This means the first half of my day is in minimum water depths along the way and always creates interesting adventures.  Yesterday, I tested the limits of the water required to float the boat on leaving the Savannah harm, no foul, but it kept my attention.  The first pic shows how low the tide gets, exposing the markers to dry land during the lowest periods.  Message: don't cut too close to the marks!
Today, I left at daybreak to make sure and transit the Ashpoo-Coosaw Cutoff two hours before dead low, and still, ran the area with single digit readings.  I wouldn't want to be there at dead low!  Couldn't help but take a pic of the Battery when passing, although I decided to move beyond Charleston and stop an hour north at the Isle of Palms.  First time here and it is nice to have a beach a short walk from the marina.  Bad news was the restaurant on site was closed and it was a 3 mile walk to real food.

On to Myrtle Beach or there abouts tomorrow!

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  1. If you make Myrtle tomorrow, you'll be in Beaufort on Weds? Are you going back to RD or somewhere else?