Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Myrtle Beach, Barefoot Landing

Left Isle of Palms at daybreak this am for my 102 mile trek to Myrtle Beach.  Thankfully, an uneventful day. The Coasties planted an new Marker for one that had been "removed" at some point in the past..Thank You! Transited the Waccamaw River section of the ICW, which this Capt'n thinks is on of the most picturesque of the entire ICW...One section just below MB is known as the "Redneck Riveria"...go figure.

Finally, on a nautical note... I thought you non-boaters would like to learn about the "Nautical Intergrated Auto-pilot" feature of Alchemy...."Nia" as I like to call her, for short.  Always on standby and ready to take control  (Pic) she stands ready to relieve me at the helm for a break or just to fix a sandwich.  Steers a course straighter than I can and never complains..Indeed, a good feature to have aboard!!

Had a "NIA" on a previous boat that was never reliable...steered in circles (remember CL)..and could never be counted on....finally had to replace the boat.....

Think I'll stay in MBeach for a day of rest.


  1. NIA seems like an excellent device. Any chance she can be taught to serve drinks too? In that case you should be self-sufficient for any foreseeable future. M

  2. Love the NIA... completely reliable, always willing to help and is very happy to be onboard.

    You are making great time. Stay safe my friend.