Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back in Fernandina !

An uneventful day,, with sunny weather and light winds, made the first day of travel back north very peaceful.  I have the boat set up for single handing, with line holders along the port side positioning the lines so that the dockhands can easily reach them from the dock while I bring the boat alongside.  It works very well although it does suggest a nice tip after tying up!  I made it a short day (60 miles) to take advantage of the least expensive fuel in Florida, which is available just up the waterway in the morning.  ($3.51/gal is what I was quoted over the phone)  Tomorrow will also be short as I want to stop and tour Jeckle Island, Georgia, and wait out a weather front that will bring some rain and such tomorrow evening.
Jeckle is supposed to be nice...I'll let you know.

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  1. Dave, I hope everything is alright with your friend who was going to join you on the way back? Thinking of you in the sun while getting back to reality after Julian went back to New York - he is shivering, while here in the UK we're wading! Second wettest year on record; very relieved to be living on a hill ;) So sorry for all those people on both sides of the Atlantic who were flooded out of their homes this holiday season; I hope they have a much better 2013! Have a safe journey back!

    Mia, I hope you got back safely? It must have been quite some drive. I guess you're now busy doing more or less what I am - cleaning the house, sorting out the garden etc? I'm also encouraging the young ones to get packed for the return to university & fretting over my tax return... Oh, well! We had a fun time together over the hols, and now everyone needs to get back to doing their own thing :) Vicky is working on her dissertation almost non-stop - final year... Please hug the girls from me - also a big hug for you, of course!