Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back to Home Port, New Bern NC

Well, I'm all safe and sound, back in a comfortable slip here at the hotel marina in New Bern.  70 miles today from Swansboro...Did someone mention FOG?  What do you do when you look out the window of the boat and see nothing...(pic1)  You find the next markers on your trusty chartplotter, then match the markers on the trusty Radar, then set the "NIA" on course ...and soon...(hopefully) the marker appears out of the haze!   Interesting, but 3 hours of this was quite enough.

Thanks for following along on my journey north.

Capt Dave

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sometimes, you just have to be there...

Swansboro, Friday Evening

If you don't think this is cool,,,,yo momma didn't raise you right!

Swansboro,,,1 day from Home

Had a nice evening last night shared with Capt Keith aboard "Coastal Comfort"...Beer/Pizza/Carolina Basketball on TV. (except for the bad ending!)  Up early this morning to deliver Capt Keith to the marina at Figure Eight Island where he had a boat moving gig.  Interesting little channel and a glorious sunrise (PIC)

Made Swansboro in 5 hours and filled up the tanks with the lowest price fuel in NC today. ($3.64/gal)  I have averaged better than 1 mpg on the entire trip, which for the uninitiated, is excellent for this size  boat, although, I've gone at "trawler" speed for much of the journey.  But it sure is nice to be able and push it up to 25 mph when the need (or spirit) arises.

Tomorrow will be home base, New  Bern.  I'll do all the math soon and report for all you nautical types.

Capt Dave

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back in North Carolina

After a day of rest in Myrtle Beach, it was up at dawn and on to Wrightsville. Another day of "LOW" water cruising.  Actually had to wait on a shrimper at the junction with Carolina Beach inlet who was aground and trying to figure out where the deep water was, even though he was dead in the center of the ICW markers...go figure.  Two pics for today,,, one from the Grand Strand of MBch, yes another trek on the trusty West Marine 6 speed, and another from the Cape Fear river.  What do you do when this fills your windshield....Get the heck out of his way.  First rule of Gross Tonnage,,,big guy always wins.

On to Swansboro tomorrow.

Capt Dave

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Myrtle Beach, Barefoot Landing

Left Isle of Palms at daybreak this am for my 102 mile trek to Myrtle Beach.  Thankfully, an uneventful day. The Coasties planted an new Marker for one that had been "removed" at some point in the past..Thank You! Transited the Waccamaw River section of the ICW, which this Capt'n thinks is on of the most picturesque of the entire ICW...One section just below MB is known as the "Redneck Riveria"...go figure.

Finally, on a nautical note... I thought you non-boaters would like to learn about the "Nautical Intergrated Auto-pilot" feature of Alchemy...."Nia" as I like to call her, for short.  Always on standby and ready to take control  (Pic) she stands ready to relieve me at the helm for a break or just to fix a sandwich.  Steers a course straighter than I can and never complains..Indeed, a good feature to have aboard!!

Had a "NIA" on a previous boat that was never reliable...steered in circles (remember CL)..and could never be counted on....finally had to replace the boat.....

Think I'll stay in MBeach for a day of rest.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Beaufort SC to Isle of Palms SC

Moved the boat on Sunday from Thunderbolt to Beaufort SC, but, didn't really have anything to say about that other than there is a lot of "skinny" water along the way.  The tide's have turned against me for the last two days, with dead low tide occurring mid morning.  This means the first half of my day is in minimum water depths along the way and always creates interesting adventures.  Yesterday, I tested the limits of the water required to float the boat on leaving the Savannah harm, no foul, but it kept my attention.  The first pic shows how low the tide gets, exposing the markers to dry land during the lowest periods.  Message: don't cut too close to the marks!
Today, I left at daybreak to make sure and transit the Ashpoo-Coosaw Cutoff two hours before dead low, and still, ran the area with single digit readings.  I wouldn't want to be there at dead low!  Couldn't help but take a pic of the Battery when passing, although I decided to move beyond Charleston and stop an hour north at the Isle of Palms.  First time here and it is nice to have a beach a short walk from the marina.  Bad news was the restaurant on site was closed and it was a 3 mile walk to real food.

On to Myrtle Beach or there abouts tomorrow!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Took the trusty West Marine 6 speed into Savannah today and did the "tourist" bit.  My, what a lovely old city.  I've never been before so it was very interesting.  I love the way they have preserved so many parks and town squares all about with the old houses and business surrounding them.  It could be a lesson for our leaders in Raleigh as they decide how to deal with the Dix property.  Enjoy the pics, for those who have not been as yet.

On to Hilton Head or Beaufort, SC tomorrow (haven't decided yet!)